Project Overview

When searching for flute lessons in Chicago, Jennifer’s site is one of the first things people see.

Starting in a highly competitive and well-serviced market, Jennifer wanted to create a high impact online presence to showcase her brand, attract students, and compete for event bookings with her small business.

Jennifer helped me understand what her business does well, and what her market looks like. The best strategy for launch looked like capturing as much organic traffic as we could, through having a website that invokes trust and optimized for a set of keywords.


  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Branding
  • User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing


Jennifer is making a living doing what she loves.

  • Instruction studio is booked full
  • Performance inquiries are received regularly through her site
  • Invitations to give talks are received regularly through her site


First clients

I sat down with Jennifer, asked her about what she does, listened, and took notes:

I started from the key takeaways of that meeting:

  • There’s examples to research
    • Sh has competition providing the same services
  • She’s high contrast
    • Her education and experience is a strong value proposition for her audiences
  • There’s a critical path to success
    • Jennifer is a joy to work with, and she’s a master at what she does.

Competitor analysis:
The competition was asking their visitors to do a lot of thinking. None looked exceptional visually, gave answers to most basic service questions, nor focused on optimizing for organic traffic. This was an opportunity to design her site around a set of high traffic keywords, and appeal to her target audience’s goals from the start. This analysis showed me what her product would need for launch and maintenance.

Business Design:
We’re appealing to parents and a subset of event organizers. Our critical path was determined through understanding who Jennifer’s services were aimed at, and what outcomes she was looking for. We met and discussed the most during this process to better help me understand the constituents of her brand identity, how she does what she does, and her target audiences. We were in the same boat with design after understanding who the site was for. A sitemap and checklist for content was the result of this process.

Branding & Web Design:
We iterated with mockups and style guides. Jennifer had a set of incredible headshots for us to work with that set the tone for visuals and copy. First impressions matter, and we defined the kind of first impression we wanted visitors to have with a list of six words. We then explored typography and colors that aligned nicely.

Development, Deployment, & Post Launch:
I built the first version of the site with Bootstrap 3, and got her the results she was looking for by month six. Within those six months we monitored traffic and understood what our cost of acquisition was for search engine marketing. The site was rebuilt in WordPress about a year after launch to provide Jennifer with a blog, event calendar, an easy way to manage content, and to help with search engine optimization. To date, she remains on the front page of Google for flute lessons in Chicago.

Tactics & Tools

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Mind maps
  • Business design
  • Information architecture
  • Low & high fidelity mockups
  • Photo & image editing
  • Brand development & collateral
  • Style Guide
  • Front-end development
  • Website administration
  • Post-launch SEO and SEM
  • Conversion to WordPress site
  • Remote client training

My studio is booked full, I'm on the first page of Google, and I get compliments on the site all the time!