Project Overview

Building a custom WordPress theme with Eventbrite and updating iO’s branding, when the iO Theater moved to a location with quadrupled capacity.

iO increased their physical throughput fourfold moving from Wrigglyville to Lincoln Park, and their site needed to handle selling more tickets for four times the amount of events. I entered into this project in a collaborative effort between myself, TicketFly (now Eventbrite), and iO to update its branding, design its user experience along with creating a custom WordPress theme to integrate with TicketFly’s ticketing platform.

With a senior developer at Ticketfly building iO’s designs, we worked within our teams to build an optimized product that meets iO’s business and user needs.


  • Project Management
  • Brand Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Staff Training
  • Website Administration
  • Technical Support


Increased throughput achieved

  • Content entry time reduced by 50%
  • New services and products generating additional revenue
  • Adjusted online sales increase of 24% annually compared to Wrigglyville location
  • Online sales went from near 50% of all sales up to around 75%
  • SEM campaigns are automated and run on groups of events


100+ pages, and thousands of posts to remake

I managed and created iO’s design deliverables for Ticketfly through a series of in remote meetings with iO’s major stakeholders and TicketFly’s project manager. Development was coordinated with BaseCamp.

Key Takeaways:

  • Getting everyone in the same boat with design rational will expedite the design process
  • Clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations for deliverables make working between iO and Ticketfly efficient and accountable
  • Save time where possible
  • Professional comedians and improvisers are amazing communicators, and have a very deep understanding of the language of empathy

Project Management:
I visited iO in Chicago and LA, interviewed staff, students, and came to understand what iO stood for and aimed to achieve. They teach the art of improv. I conducted a series of design meetings with iO’s major stakeholders to get them into the same boat with UX research and design decision rational to consider. Those included what iO’s business goals, project goals, mission statement, services offered, guiding principles, who’ll use the site, and how they’ll most likely use it.

Information Architecture:
We dove into the information architecture of the site around the primary user goal of finding what shows were playing at iO that night (and shortly after). Everything was placed accounting for 8 staff members that’d regularly update content throughout the site, along with the kinds of visitors seeking iO’s services.

Brand Development:
With content and navigation addressed, we explored how iO’s updated branding could be applied to it through a series of remote meetings with major stakeholders at iO. The result is a contemporary take on iO’s presence in the art community, and the values it embodies as it continues inspiring tomorrow’s entertainers.

Consulting throughout the design process with TicketFly, we ensured that the functionality iO wanted could be implemented. Working through BaseCamp, we made a custom WordPress theme for iO’s consumer-facing and staff needs according to the design collateral created for iO.

Launch & Post Launch
I continue to develop iO’s theme to provide its staff content and functionality requests along with providing training and website administration.

Tactics & Tools

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Mind maps
  • Information architecture
  • Low & high fidelity mockups
  • Style Guide
  • Website administration
  • Conversion to WordPress site
  • Remote client training

We're selling tickets and booking online much more than before

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