Project Overview

Providing the tools and infrastructure to meet increasing traffic.

The founder of Vacuum Sealers Unlimited outgrew her first site and needed a new site to scale with her company’s needs. Thoroughly exploring her needs and available options, we created a new site that’s proven wildly successful.

She helped me understand what her business looks like inside and out, what she does well, what she needs to automate, and what her market looks like. The best strategy looked like rebuilding her site within WooCommerce and enabling her sell more in a fraction of the time.


  • Managed Hosting
  • Ecommerce website rebuild
  • User experience design
  • Website development
  • Change URL structure and redirect 2,400 URLs
  • Product database migration
  • Add & automate functionality:
    • Contact Forms
    • Conditional shipping
    • Manufacturer dropshipping
    • Product options
    • Google Merchant Center integration
    • Store client payment information
    • Conditional coupons
    • User role based shipping and tax conditionals
    • Newsletter and follow up emails
    • SEO wysiwyg tools
  • Software training
  • Collaborate with SEO and SEM agencies
  • Priority technical support


Vacuum Sealers Unlimited is thriving.

  • 3x revenue achieved within a year of launch
  • Major positive SEO ranking impact
  • Double the traffic of years past with steady monthly growth


I met with the founder of Vacuum Sealers Unlimited and she helped me understand what she does best:

I started from the key takeaways of that meeting:

  • There’s examples to research
    • She has competition selling the same products
  • There’s existing associated search engine ranking
    • The new store has to maintain its established search engine relevance or sales will be negatively impacted
  • Existing customers love the amount of expertise they get from customer support
    • These customers can call and get help using and troubleshooting their hardware
  • We’re building to automate and handle more customer throughput
    • Order frequency is variable, and some fulfillment tasks can be automated

Competitor analysis:
Vacuum sealers Unlimited competes with a few Big-Box stores, and independent retailers alike, for consumers who think months to years in advance with consumables. These stores helped us understand what costumers expect with user experience and functionality while shopping.

User Experience Design:
The target audience share behaviors in common, more so than demographic traits, that result in long term food storage and preparation. With their ideal product purchases in mind, they’re seeking out the best value and customer service available; they want the option to talk to a human while ordering, or place a phone order. Customer interviews and surveys led us to conclude that the original site’s branding did resonate well with customers, and optimization needed to focus on making the site easier to scan and navigate products.

Database Migration & Translation:
With over 1800 products at the time, her old database was translated to WooCommerce’s structure. Products are updated with a .csv in bulk, and those changes are pushed to SEM platforms. Custom fields were added to assist in workflow automation.

Development & Deployment:
The original site, and its SEO rankings, were using a subdomain and top level domain together as a single experience. Changing that to a single top level domain and maintaining its search engine associations was successful, and the site has seen a steady monthly traffic increase since launch. Development for this project focused on installing, configuring, and customizing a suite of plugins to provide the functionality the new site required. I coordinated with the company’s contracted SEO and SEM agencies to integrate their workflow as well. The result is a new platform for Vacuum Sealers Unlimited that enables them to conduct more business than before.

Post-launch & Managed Hosting:
Switching over to production, I began to optimize and patch minor issues that didn’t appear within staging. We launched during a slow season, and ensured the site was robust enough for the busy season. We began to try tactics outlined in our post-launch marketing strategy, and started to see positive results from follow-up emails requesting reviews and with monthly customer engagement with promotional emails. The site’s traffic was increasing around 10% each month after launch at the same time, and functionality was added to help speed up the fulfillment process by enabling bulk editing of tracking numbers, pushing additional information to drop-shipping suppliers, changing out products are listed and enabling inline editing.

Tactics & Tools

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Mind maps
  • Information architecture
  • Low & high fidelity mockups
  • Style Guide
  • Website administration
  • Conversion to WordPress site
  • Remote client training

I'm absolutely thrilled. We've got more orders than ever before, and our existing customers really let us know they like the new site. If Stefan didn't know the answer to our questions, he'd let us know and work on figuring it out.