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I am a Product Designer and creative consultant with twelve years of work experience, specializing in the conception, design, development, analysis, and improvement of user’s experiences.

I believe our interactions with software should be as mindful as talking with a person, and the cognitive psychology that entails; it’s rare and notable when software and websites feel intuitive, and I want to be apart of a team that actively works on making their product even better for their users. Those daily interactions add up to meaningful differences in people’s lives.

We’re all designers in the sense that we can recognize when something could be made better, and I greatly appreciate the lack of stress response induced from well designed products. As a bouncer, I found out I have a knack for product design working at a bar a dozen years ago. I increased sales by a third during the last 30 minutes of each night, along with staff getting out out 30 minutes quicker, by personally reminding customers we would be closing and thanking them for their patronage.

Working remotely from the start, I co-founded a hosting startup and experimented with consumer facing and internal processes to get a better understanding of how to best build our client’s success. We landed a role with a shark on Shark Tank and transitioned to a high traffic hosting and website design agency up until our company was acquired.

I am currently looking for full time remote opportunities.